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2013-09-27 06:19:18 by themonsterghost

I've been in Canada for a couple months and I'm starting to really like it here. I am considering what it would be like to live here... It's awfully nice. And peoples' ideas of what 'the sketchy part of town' is makes me giggle. That's what happens when you've been to the westside of Chicago, I suppose. Everything else seems pretty tame. Except maybe the Greyhound station in Detroit. Haha, just kidding. That's probably the only place in Detroit I feel safe.

Anyway. I've been on a soft grunge high. I apologize for the... soft grunge... I have only uploaded one drawing so far that reflects this growing interest but I can assure you that it is slowly taking over my life. I especially like to dress men in soft grunge since it's kinda funny... not really seen as much. Or maybe this is a thing people don't even know about and I've just been spending too much time on Tumblr...?

I'll try and draw a nice monster or something soon to make up for it. Pinky swears. Winky face. In the meantime, here's a doodle I did in paintchat. Anyone actually read this far that have any opinions on women with half-shaved heads? I'm surprised by the hate I've seen the style get and also discouraged since I once had my hair done similarly. But yeah, I'm curious. Anyone think it's cool? Terrible? Hilarious?



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2013-10-01 09:09:02

Half-shaved heads are awesome. Not sure I like fully shaved though, hair's feminine, it's not the same completely without. Canada sounds nice, and it's home of Canada Dry too! Woo!

themonsterghost responds:

Hey thanks for the response! I'm glad to hear someone appreciates the half-shave it's really reassuring :) And hell yes man, Canada Dry is THE BOMB and they have a TON of it up here in like... a million flavors it is so great.